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The workout that started it all!

My 5 minute arm workouts have been a big hit on my YouTube channel. To be honest, my first one I posted was for practice. I was becoming a spin instructor and one of the elements of training was a light weight arm workout. That video, my ‘practice’ video has over 5 million views now. So, I figured I would keep making these quick workout videos. I love making them, because their my actuall workout.

I understand why people love them so much. Yes, it’s short and sweet but, it’s effective. Lifting heavy weights or spending hours at the gym is not everyone’s cup of tea. Plus, you don’t have to do that to get the results you desire.

The 5 minute arm workout using 2lb’s or going weightless will get you results in 2 weeks. I always tell people, if you do these arm workouts 4 to 5x a week for 2 to 3 weeks, you will notice a difference.

5 Minute Arm Workout

I have dozens of these workouts on my YouTube channel. You might be skeptical, but all you have to do is try it and then you’ll see why.

YouTube is seriously the best place to find amazing workouts. I’m not a huge fan of driving to the gym everyday. If I can pop on a video from YouTube and do it in the comfort of my own home, it saves me so much time. Check out my YouTube channel. Majority of the workouts are under 10 minutes. Short but effective. Maybe you do an arm workout and follow it up with an inner and outer thigh workout!

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