My QVC Obsession

I can only imagine what your initial thoughts were when you read the title of this blog post. QVC, you either love it or can’t stand it. Well, I love it!

My obsession started about 6 years ago. I was living on my own in Charleston, South Carolina. I came across it one night when the beauty segment was on. An hour had past and I was still glued to the television. Surprisingly, I didn’t purchase anything, but I remember loving the hosts. At the time I was an anchor for the local news station, so I found inspiration in their ability to captivate an audience. I ended up watching QVC for fun. I know, it sounds hilarious.

When it comes to the deals and products, you really can’t beat them. They sell the best of the best and what you see is what you get. My favorite brands to buy from QVC are IT Cosmetics, Josie Maran, Mally Beauty and Mrs. Prindables. Christmas is usually the time they have the best deals and I stock up! Below are my favorite items!

Mrs. Pridables’ Carmel Apples are my favorite dessert of all time. They look like any old carmel apple, but I assure you they are not. The apple is the best apple for the job. Sweet, sour and crisp! Just perfection!

As for Josie Maran’s Argon Milk; it is divine. The most hydrating serum. A little goes a long way. It never makes me breakout. This serum is a must in the winter time months. Argon Milk is a bit pricey, but that’s what makes QVC great. They have amazing deals on high priced items!

Mally Beauty Dark Circle Corrector makes you look 10 years younger. It brightens up your undereye unlike any other. It can be used with or without makeup. A little dab under the eye gives the illusion you slept for 12 hours. Honestly, it’s one of those products that has immediate results. Plus, you get three pens for under $30.

And, last but not least. The IT Cosmetics foundation. A full coverage foundation that is infused with antioxidant ingrediants. It gives your skin a youthful, hydrating, glowy look. Simply the best full coverage CC Cream Foundation on the market.

One thought on “My QVC Obsession

  1. Hi I work out with your videos on YouTube almost every day and they have really helped me this year through the whole pandemic time post Covid and through the loss of my dad from Covid. So I just wanted you to know that I think you’re awesome ..your energy is awesome and I think you are videos are the real deal! I think you really should keep your website up-to-date because you have something special going on.


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