Book of the Month

There is nothing better then curling up under a cozy blanket on the couch and reading a good book. Sometimes life can be crazy, hectic, stressful and simply overwhelming. Reading has always been an escape for me. It’s calming. It puts me at ease. It takes me someplace quiet; away from the noise of daily life.

I try to read 4 to 6 books a year. I’m not the fastest reader, but luckily no one is judging. There are so many genres of books and that’s what makes reading wonderful. I have to admit, I’m the hopeless romantic reader. I love fiction. Preferably all stories set in England. I have no preference of time period, as long as it takes me wisks me away to another world. However, I do love a book about strong women and learning about interesting people and how they go to where they are in life.

It’s November and I’m currently reading a book that is so fitting for the holiday season. It’s not about winter or Christmas. It’s about remembering that everyone deserves to be loved and to feel grateful for those who care about you. The book is called, “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine.” Eleanor has lived a troubled past with a mother who is not a loving parent and quite cruel to say the least. Eleanor is quirky and endearing all at the same time. With out giving too much a way, thanks to an unexpected new friend, she’s learned what it’s like to be loved. It’s smart, warm, charming, hilarious, and wonderful!

This fall I read the book, “The Two Lives of Lydia Bird.” The novel is written by bestselling autor, Josie Silver. It’s a book about grief, friendship, love and finding oneself. It’s hope in a book. Plus, it’s set in England in the current year of 2020.

It’s hard not to see yourself in the main character, Lydia Bird. Like most of us, we were a bit messy in our youth and somewhere slowly along the way, we come into our own. We know what we want, who we are and go after it. It might be a longer read, but it is definately a fast read. You get sucked into her life, her story and you don’t want it to end…it’s that good!

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