My Fitness Philosophy

To be successfull, you must create the right mindset to achieve your goals. If I can be honest, it took me years to create a healthy mindset, where I wasn’t afraid to eat and I didn’t get mad at myself when I didn’t feel like working out. Sometimes you have to go through $h!t to get to a positive space.

My fitness philosophy is pretty simple. I use the 70-30 method. 70% of the time I am on point with eating and exercise. While, 30% of the time I live life to the absolute fullest. I hate the word moderation, but it’s a method that’s bullet proof.

If you tell yourself, ‘I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want’, then binge eating goes out the door. If I want fries, I’ll eat fries. But, I’ll either have just a handful, or eat the whole bag and just not have them again for a couple weeks or so.

Hiking in Colorado

When it come to fitness, I try to workout 3 to 5x a week. My goal is to go all out on one of those weekly workouts. If I really push myself just once a week, then I feel like I’m getting stronger. The other workouts can be whatever I want. Maybe it’s weights, a long walk, a run or yoga. I just try to stay as consistent as possible. No less than 3 workouts a week, but keep your body moving for at least 5 days a week. If you are CONSISTENT and move (in some way or another) you will have the desired ‘healthy’ body you deserve!

Remember, the hardest part in creating a healthy mindset is being nice to yourself throughout the process. Be your best friend, not your harshest critic. Plus, I’m here for you and if nothing else, I know you can do it!

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